Friday, August 12, 2011

Redemption Day!

Yesterday Kamryn was spewing her judgment all over me and while I don't think my interpretation of her words were 100% accurate, it did get me thinking.

Today, if you are keeping track, is my workout day.    I thought to myself as I was getting ready to run that I would actually have a nice, easy jog.  I would still run my 3 miles, but maybe slow it down a bit.  I'm not sure what happened from the moment I had that thought to the time I stepped on the treadmill, but I ran a personal best today.  I actually shaved about 15 seconds per mile off my time.

I was so impressed with myself, I thought I could take this a step further and actually pay attention to what clothes I wear today.  I was going to dress for success!  Well, not really because I still want to be comfortable.  I can't sacrifice my comfort for anything.

Ta Da!!

A nice black t-shirt and a pair of linen pants.  Ok, so I can't just stand and pose nicely and I'll be damned if I'm going to actually use a hairdryer, but this is pretty good for me.  Especially on a weekday!  I may even wear real shoes and let my flip flops have a rest.  I feel I have redeemed myself on 2 of the 3 judgments from yesterday.  Now if I could just clean something.  I'm just not feeling like that is in the cards for today, though.  So just as Meatloaf said, Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad.


  1. Looking good! I wish you were still here! I actually wore button shorts today instead of running shorts! It was a big day in my world.

  2. Ha! I need to buy more decent running shorts. I only have 2 that I would deem worthy of being worn outside while not working out and I usually run in those so they are in the hamper or wash almost everyday.