Saturday, May 21, 2011

Rapture This!

Actually, rapture is a noun so I have completely misused the word in the title, but just like The Rapture, I don’t really care.  One thing that has been fun about our pending doom is the jokes!  I have to be honest; I really don’t know much about any of this besides an article I read online and a brief story on the news.  From the bits and pieces that I have picked up, apparently there will be a rolling earthquake that will conveniently hit each area at 6:00 pm in everyone's respective time zones. 

As I joked about not getting milk and agreeing to move my BFF’s 3 kids to San Diego because I certainly was going to be spared, I discovered there was entertainment to be found!  People much funnier than I have taken time out of their busy day to make sure there was plenty of comedy to fill my Rapture Day!  Below are some of my favorites.
I have no association with someecards, but this is the only site I use.  AWESOME!

This is an actual business. 

This might be.

This is not.

Happy Rapture Day!!

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